About PLISMUN 2020


With pride, we present you to the third annual Model United Nations conference hosted by Park Lane International School. This conference is open to all upper-grade students, and it is of no importance whether you are a first-timer or experienced.

Our conference is almost 100% student-led, and we have wholeheartedly worked hard enough to ensure that not only do you engage in high-yielding debates, but also make bonds, and develop skills that will last a long time.

We hope that this conference will play a crucial role in not only your professional careers but also within your personal understanding of the world.

We truly hope for PLISMUN’20 to be a great MUN experience for all participants. It is our main goal for every student to leave with more experience and skill than they arrived with along with great memories.

Our mission

PLISMUN is a nearly 100% student-led Model United Nations conference organised by Park Lane International School in Prague. This year, we are proud to present our second annual conference, by which we aim to achieve several goals, including but not limited to:

    1.   Widening the participants' horizon of knowledge in not only debating but also leadership and organising this truly eventful conference

    2.   Development of the delegate's political understanding as global citizens

    3.   Improving crucial debating and public speaking skills of participants

    4.   Expanding existent knowledge of global humanitarian crises and disputes of today's community

    5.   Promote mutual cooperation, good relations, and friendship

    6.   Educate today's generation about the work of the United Nations, international relations, and diplomacy

It is our mission to achieve these goals and many others in order to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our generation.